"At FireSmith Copper, it is our passion to create unique, handmade works of fine art.  FireSmith copper, to us, means; Art, born of fire... "

"Copper has an innate warmth, like a wood burning fireplace with family surrounding.  We hope our copper expressions will make you feel that warmth."  Jennah Litecky Yost and Paul Yost's partnership has brought them to the peaceful, rugged beauty of the Oregon mountains. After a childhood immersed in the arts, Jennah graduated from the University of Oregon with a degree in studio arts and a minor in art history. Paul is a carpenter who puts his skill to use in historic restoration of Oregon's cherished timber frame covered bridges. Paul’s workmanship and Jennah's lifelong commitment to art have blossomed in copper. Together, with the help of family, they began FireSmith Copper.

    Without the use of chemicals, acids, or dyes the copper is flame painted to pull out the vibrant colors hidden within.  The designs are then “free-hand” crafted with various hand tools by both artists.  With his carpentry experience, Paul finishes the work by shaping the copper to the custom built frame for a gallery style presentation.  Jennah's natural talents for design and her eye for color, allow her to coax breathtaking images from the copper while maintaining the material's organic beauty. Paul approaches his designs with a pragmatic approach, gently inviting elegant images out of the copper.  They both contribute to the creative process from start to finish. All their pieces are handcrafted, each with their own ideas, and each with their own styles merging into an expression they are both proud of.


-Paul Yost and Jennah Litecky Yost